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Used Heavy Equipment Parts

Keeping your fleet of heavy equipment running its best requires matching the right part with the right job. Often, buying used parts is the best choice for your budget. No matter the age of your fleet, used equipment can save you both time and money, without sacrificing the performance of your important machines.

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Gregory Poole is your exclusive source for used Cat® parts in eastern North Carolina. When a pressing repair is affecting your ability to work at full capacity, contact us first for used parts and other service solutions that meet your budget.

Why Buy Used Equipment Parts?

The most compelling benefit of buying used parts is the savings. With Cat equipment, you can count on non-wearable items — such as transmission housings, work tool attachments and more — to deliver reliable performance so long as you properly maintain them. For these items, buying used can save you considerably, while still giving you a part that will deliver comparable quality to new.

Buying used is also a great option for older equipment when new parts are out of production, back-ordered or otherwise hard to come by. Many businesses will also buy used when replacing a major component such as an engine or transmission. In these cases, a used assembly will often come with all the hardware necessary to complete the job, saving you the hassle and delays associated with purchasing them separately.

Shop Used Parts With Confidence

The above benefits of buying used are only applicable when you buy from a dealer you can trust. In eastern North Carolina, Gregory Poole is your only authorized Cat dealer. We built our reputation over 65 years of great service to our clients.

We stock many used parts and can often deliver in 24 hours or less. We can even source difficult-to-find items through the Caterpillar Dealers Used Parts Association (CDUPA). We are committed to treating you fairly and honestly, matching you with the parts solution that’s right for your fleet and budget.

Whether you need heavy equipment parts, power systems parts, or marine engine parts, we can help. Give us a call today to request a quote, or visit to search our current selection.